Selenium is a vital mineral that we get from our food. It is part of our cellular structure and supports the development of healthy sperm cells. Furthermore selenium contributes to the protection of body cells (DNA, structure, protein, nucleus etc.) against oxidative stress.

All cells contain selenium. The highest concentrations are found in sexual glands and semen. For that reason sexually active men need more selenium, as each ejaculation consumes a large quantity of selenium. Sperm cells could benefit from selenium, as this nutrient supports the process by which sperm develop to become mature sperm capable of fertilizing an ovum.

Having sufficient selenium in the body is a good way of ensuring a healthy sperm development. At the same time selenium supports the body's immune system.

B-Daddy contains the patented selenium preparation with the well-documented organic selenium yeast SelenoPrecise*. SelenoPrecise raw material is produced in Denmark by Pharma Nord and is used in more than 40 published scientific trials worldwide. SelenoPrecise contains more than 30 organically bound selenium compounds, including L-selenomethione, which is a unique preparation that is able to document a very high level of bio-availability (88.7%) and a stable quality. SelenoPrecise is considered as the most well-documented selenium source on the market.

*EP Patent No. 1 478 732 B1

SelenoPrecise absorption chart
SelenoPrecise is the only selenium
supplement with a consistently high
content of active selenium of 88.7%














Selenium intake map